Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just gonna let it flow.

I haven't posted on here in forever! I sincerely apologize!
So this week my church has handed out little pamphlets to encourage a week of Bible study and devotionals.
This week God has shown me love in ways I didn't quite expect.
I realized that I shouldn't stress over the little things, I should enjoy them, and as I realized this, a wave of relief came crashing down on me and I knew it was God sitting there by my side telling me "It is going to be OK, I've got you."
I brought two friends to church in less than a month, and they are regular church-goers now.
I couldn't be more happy with my life right now. And I really owe it all to God. I have been praying that He show me His will, and that whatever path He chooses for me will be the one that I stick to no matter what.
I know that His plan involves ups and downs, because without sorrow there is NO compassion. I should have been listening a long time ago, because that little phrase right there has helped me in more ways than I ever thought it could. "Without sorrow, there is no compassion." It just reminds me that things ARE going to work out, just not in ways that I necessarily want to all the time.
I had a chance to ignore a call tonight, I just got finished praying for a sign and for God to show me His love. My friend called and just wanted to talk, we ended up talking for maybe 45 minutes. About nothing, about everything. I realized that in the middle of praying with my friend over the phone, that THIS was a sure enough sign. That God was calling, and I had the choice to ignore it or just talk with him. I thought that was a pretty powerful sign.

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