Sunday, June 27, 2010

hello darling, how are you?

it's been so long! well quick update! i went to the beach earlier this week, lets recap the outcome of that trip! it was fun! but then i was in about waist-deep water and then, something brushed past my foot. it was too soft to be seaweed, and then... it felt like someone just lit my foot on fire. i got stung by a jellyfish. but that's not all. when i got home i was washing my face. and then, it turned bright red. i also had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen on my face. but besides that it was pretty fun! we went to eat at joes crab shack, two of the guys in our group got sick from the crab :( anyway, i have been updating my tumblr A LOT! so you can check that i guess.. it's
so check that out if you want more updated posts. the next few posts are just going to be stories, not really outfits but i will include pictures. except for this one. haha it's too long already, i'm rambling. be back soon with pictures and such. :)

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