Wednesday, February 10, 2010


haven't posted in a while..
so quite a few updates;
-how i got and lost and internship
-i'm a lovesick loser
-and shopping! woooo!

so first off, i was at this photo studio getting these pictures done for my mom's birthday and they told me about this internship spot open.. so i told them it was what i wanted to do(which it wasn't i just needed something to get me out of the house..) and it was cool but the guy who owned the place was SUPER creepy! i was always uncomfortable around him and i just didn't want to be there anymore so i just was like "PEACE OUT!" (oh and this is a span of about 7-8 days)

second, i realize that i will not have a valentine this year, again. EVERY one of my friends either has a boyfriend/girlfriend or someone to spend it with... and it SUCKS!! because they are all talking about "oh i am going to surprise her/him and show him/her how much i care!" BLEH! i don't want to hear that, ESPECIALLY if i can't relate! but i digress..
and lastly, it's also self explanatory.. i went shopping today! woo that always puts me in a good mood haha and it was a very good shopping trip too! i got a mouse for my laptop(FINALLY!) and these SKY-HIGH platforms (brown leather with flowers and little studs in the middle of the flowers.-look them up on, an oversized shirt with a leopard on it(super cute with leggings!), new alarm clock, some jewelry and other stuff i think(brain fart..)

(OFF TOPIC)so today was a good day! there were two fights-one was a "wuss" fight so it didn't really count... but this little kid got his face bloodied up pretty bad by this big guy-he is a freakin' MOOSE! it's ridiculous! anyway.. woke up feeling fantastic! and my hair was lookin' good and i was lookin' cute today and ERRTHANG! i have decided that i like today! ok now i am done! :)