Sunday, September 12, 2010

His will.

EVERY time I pray I just center my prayers around His will. I don't know why but it has become an obsession to pray for His will. I think that is the best kind of obsession to have, you could be obsessed with your looks, or friends, or anything else but His will is by far the best thing to become consumed with.
To be obsessed with God is looking forward to Wednesday nights, not for friends, not for socializing, but that you are craving worship music, and raising your voices and hands for Him.
Recently I have been craving Wednesday nights, and Sunday mornings. Not because I see my friends, but that I get to worship God. And I get to worship God with a group of people I am so fortunate to call my second family.
This church means the world to me, and the family that is at the church, regardless of how often or frequent they are at church, is more than I could ever asked for. I owe it all to God for bringing me these very special people. And for bringing those people together to worship Him.
Being able to say "I can't wait until Wednesday nights!" is what I think being obsessed with God means. To want to surround yourself with the love of God and people who love God as well.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just gonna let it flow.

I haven't posted on here in forever! I sincerely apologize!
So this week my church has handed out little pamphlets to encourage a week of Bible study and devotionals.
This week God has shown me love in ways I didn't quite expect.
I realized that I shouldn't stress over the little things, I should enjoy them, and as I realized this, a wave of relief came crashing down on me and I knew it was God sitting there by my side telling me "It is going to be OK, I've got you."
I brought two friends to church in less than a month, and they are regular church-goers now.
I couldn't be more happy with my life right now. And I really owe it all to God. I have been praying that He show me His will, and that whatever path He chooses for me will be the one that I stick to no matter what.
I know that His plan involves ups and downs, because without sorrow there is NO compassion. I should have been listening a long time ago, because that little phrase right there has helped me in more ways than I ever thought it could. "Without sorrow, there is no compassion." It just reminds me that things ARE going to work out, just not in ways that I necessarily want to all the time.
I had a chance to ignore a call tonight, I just got finished praying for a sign and for God to show me His love. My friend called and just wanted to talk, we ended up talking for maybe 45 minutes. About nothing, about everything. I realized that in the middle of praying with my friend over the phone, that THIS was a sure enough sign. That God was calling, and I had the choice to ignore it or just talk with him. I thought that was a pretty powerful sign.