Friday, March 19, 2010

baseball. skydiving. wonder works. movie. good day.

going down to Orlando to watch some Spring Training for the Dodgers, and the Phillie's.

SO! I just got back from Orlando! It was so much fun!
My dad, my brother and I left on Saturday and we went straight to the baseball game! It was the Phillie's and the Tigers. It was a gorgeous day! High of 75 and windy. Perfect.
So from there we drove a ways, and came up on this blue and orange structure. I thought it was part of this amusement park that was across the street from it(i.e. gas tank/engine)-it was loud so it was questionable. We (me and my brother) follow my dad inside and it's called "SKY-VENTURE".
We then walk into this observation room and this Plexiglas type of wall is separating us and 145 mph wind.
We wait for about 15 minutes then get called in. We go through the training and I'm thinking "Oh this is gonna be easy!" No. Of course not. If you even move your fingers a certain way it will send you falling into the Plexiglas wall where everyone could see.
We get going and there was a group of people who had already been there last week or something. They were good. We only got to go 2 times for a minute, but it was so worth it! Oh my goodness I want to do it again!
Maybe 10 minutes next time!
So THEN! Yes, there is more.
We go to see Shutter Island. It was so good! I loved it! I want to go see it again! We also went to Wonder Works. It's like an interactive science museum and it was so fun! That day was definitely one of the best days I've had. EVER.

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