Thursday, May 20, 2010


some people just aren't worth my time anymore..
if you aren't even going to make an effort to talk to me when the WHOLE church knows i like you-even you!- is kind of disappointing.
i don't really like being disappointed and played. i was played once by one of your BEST FRIENDS and you knew that.
but no you are going to do the same frickin thing to me?! i think you do it because you have about 5 other girls that are waiting in line and you think you can get away with it. well you can't. it sucks and i hate it.
it's happened before and you would think i have learned from it but nope! apparently my common sense just flies right out the door with situations like this. it sucks because you are waiting and waiting for something to happen and then it doesn't..
i had my hopes up and everything.
but i think i might get over it eventually..
i love my friends for helping me with these problems and talking me through it.

sorry guys. i had to vent for today.. no pictures. i will put some up later.

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